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Strategic Investment Focus – Canada and USA

Investment Strategy

Investment Approach:

 InnHouse Group Of Companies is prepared to invest in businesses of any size, focusing on mature businesses and growing sectors. We provide flexible investment solutions, including equity investments, debt financing, and convertible debt instruments.

Target Investments: 

We are particularly interested in sponsor-led or founder-led initiatives, where we can partner with strong leadership teams that have significant “skin in the game.”

Industries of Interest:

 Open to a wide range of industries with a particular focus on Commercial Services, Multi-location Operations, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Distribution, Hospitality, Industrial, Equipment Rental, and Servicing.

Real Estate Investment Focus


 Active investments in development deals and existing properties within the multifamily, industrial, and commercial sectors.

 Financial Targets:

 Seek returns greater than 15% IRR, with a target of 20%.

 Project Characteristics:

 We look for projects with clear growth trajectories, strong market positioning, and sustainable competitive advantages.


InnHouse Capital operates as the private investment division of InnHouse Group Of Companies (iGC), which has a rich history of managing and exiting investments exceeding $250M. Our mandate is to build long-term value through strategic investments rather than seeking immediate exits.


As a well-capitalized family office, we offer a long-term investment horizon that is not constrained by the typical pressures faced by institutional investors. This approach allows us to focus on partnership opportunities and strategic growth rather than immediate financial exits.


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