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Family History

Didar’s father, Count Magan Mawji Karim, and his ancestors were born and raised in Gujarat, India. In the early 1900’s, Count Karim moved to East Africa in search of a better life for his family.

Didar, one of ten children, was born and raised in Kampala, Uganda (East Africa). He and his wife, Parviz, had three children, Karim, Amin and Salim. In 1971, as a result of a military coup, the family moved to Vancouver, Canada. Didar founded InnHouse Group of Companies (iGC) in the early 1970’s and was later joined by his sons, Amin and Salim.

iGC has done work in Canada, the USA, Europe, India and Africa in a variety of business sectors. iGC is a family office where all employees are considered part of the family business. The company is guided by strong values, collaborative input and dedication to working together.