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InnHouse Group Of Companies Announces Strategic Investment in Umbra Residential Development

Vancouver, BC – April 2024 – InnHouse Group Of Companies, a leader in strategic investments in significant real estate developments, is proud to announce its latest investment in the Umbra residential development, part of the Portwood community in Port Moody, BC. This investment underscores InnHouse’s commitment to engaging in projects that enhance community development while delivering substantial investor value.

The Umbra project, managed by Edgar Development Corp., will feature 219 condominium units within a master-planned community designed to integrate seamlessly with the surrounding nature. The project emphasizes sustainability, with more than 70% of the site dedicated to green space, and includes amenities such as parks, trails, and retail spaces, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere.

Salim Karim, President and CEO of InnHouse Group Of Companies, stated, “Our investment in the Umbra project is a reflection of our strategic focus on supporting developments that are not only profitable but also beneficial to the community and environmentally considerate. We are particularly excited about this project’s focus on sustainable living and its integration of significant green spaces.”

The Umbra development is set to begin construction in August 2023 and features units that are designed with high-end, environmentally conscious materials and systems, offering both luxury and efficiency. The project’s innovative approach aligns with InnHouse’s mission to invest in projects that push the boundaries of traditional real estate development while prioritizing sustainability and community integration.

Amin Karim, Principal and Director at InnHouse, added, “This project represents a significant step forward in our efforts to foster developments that are aligned with our vision of sustainable and community-focused real estate investments. The Portwood community will serve as a model for future developments that aim to balance development with environmental stewardship.”

InnHouse Group Of Companies remains committed to its strategy of investing in high-quality real estate projects and partnerships with leading development firms to enhance growth and performance across its investment portfolio.

For more information about InnHouse Group Of Companies and our investment in the Umbra development, please visit our website.