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InnHouse Group Of Companies Celebrates First Anniversary of Strategic Investment in Huer Foods Inc.

Vancouver, BC – September 2023 – InnHouse Group Of Companies, a leader in strategic investments and partnerships with private equity firms, proudly marks the first anniversary of its significant investment in Huer Foods Inc. The investment, completed in September 2022, exemplifies InnHouse’s commitment to partnering with industry leaders and driving value through innovative strategies.

Huer Foods Inc., based in Langley, BC, is a premier packager and distributor of soft & chewy candy across Canada. With a diverse product lineup that includes gummy shapes, wine gums, jelly babies, and vegan options, Huer stands as a pillar in the Canadian confectionery market, distributing its products nationwide.

Salim Karim, President and CEO of InnHouse Group Of Companies, stated, “Our investment in Huer Foods was strategically aligned with our goal to support companies that are not only leaders in their markets but also have a clear path to growth and innovation. Over the past year, Huer has demonstrated remarkable resilience and agility, navigating through significant challenges while achieving near-target EBITDA, which is a testament to the strength of their business model and management team.”

The investment has been fruitful, with Huer achieving a 15% increase in revenue year-over-year, despite facing industry-wide challenges. The company’s proactive measures, including expanding into direct-to-consumer channels and enhancing its product offerings, have poised it for continued success in the coming years.

Amin Karim, Principal and Director at InnHouse, added, “The partnership with Huer Foods and our collaborative efforts with Krystal Growth Partners highlight our dedication to fostering sustainable growth and long-term value creation. We are excited about the future prospects of Huer, particularly with its ongoing initiatives in product innovation and market expansion.”

As Huer Foods continues to expand its operations and strengthen its market position, InnHouse Group Of Companies remains committed to supporting its journey through strategic guidance and collaborative development efforts.

For more information about InnHouse Group Of Companies and our investment in Huer Foods Inc., please visit our website.